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Ready to make the jump to a modern B2B Commerce solution? Before making a decision evaluate what features would best help your business become more efficient and build sales. It's newly revised this year to help you identify the features that matter most!
B2B eCommerce Checklist 2020 Rebrand

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What's In the Checklist?

The checklist covers key aspects of a B2B or wholesale Commerce business and capabilities that exist today that can make your business more successful.  It will help you:
Achieve better penetration of eCommerce use by existing customers.
Drive new customer acquisition through tools and techniques designed to draw in prospects.
Grow your online revenue efficiently, providing you with better company sales and performance.

About the Author


Joshua O'Connell
VP of Marketing, Zoey

Joshua O’Connell is Zoey’s Vice President of Marketing. Josh has been an online entrepreneur for 20 years, helping to build multiple online businesses successfully, all of which provided solutions to help other online businesses succeed. Josh has developed websites for a number of prominent online brands and entrepreneurs, and has advised and overseen the builds of many others. Today at Zoey, he helps merchants be successful through best practices, and helps online businesses understand how Zoey can help them reach the next level.

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